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(VIDEO) How to Use the Table of Contents in StoryWhys Book Companions for Speech Therapy

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Learn how to navigate the StoryWhys comprehensive book companions for speech therapy using the table of contents in this short video.

StoryWhys Book Companions are a unique, literature-based system that provides engaging, research-based language therapy for both individuals and mixed groups who are working on higher-level language and thinking skills at the middle-to-upper elementary grade levels.

The StoryWhys comprehensive book companions allow you to target many different language skills over several sessions, with one, high-quality storybook. The dynamic table of contents is designed to help you find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Watch this video or read on below to find out more about how to use the dynamic table of contents in StoryWhys book companions:

When you download the pdf for one of the StoryWhys comprehensive book companions, you’ll notice that there are two different versions of the table of contents: the first one is organized by the order in which each skill activity appears in the book, and the second one is organized by skill type.

Let’s go through how to navigate each.

Open the first table of contents, which is organized by the sequence of the book. This is the table of contents you should use when you’d like to target several, or all, of the language skills in the book companion, based on the needs of your students.

Note that, in storybooks where there are no page numbers, it is explained at the top of the page that I’ve considered the first page of the story to be page 1. You can lightly number the pages of storybooks with a pencil when needed.

As you look at the first page of this table of contents, you’ll see that the left side of the page is organized by the point in the book when you’d do the activity, and the right side of the page lists where you’ll find the activity sheets in your pdf file.

For example, the table of contents will suggest that, before you begin reading the book, you should complete the vocabulary section. The word vocabulary is a hyperlink and it will bring you to the first page of the vocabulary section. As an alternative, you can use the StoryWhys book companion page number. You can read the instructions provided on that page if needed, and then you’ll access the actual vocabulary sheets following the instructions page. You can then print these vocabulary sheets.

Once you’re done printing the sheets in the vocabulary section, you can click the StoryWhys logo on the top left corner of the page, and it will return you to the table of contents.

You’ll then see that the Feelings Thermometers and the Thoughts and Feelings sections can be used throughout the book as needed. Again, click these hyperlinks, review the instructions, print what you need, and then click the StoryWhys icon to return to the table of contents.

Then, as you progress through the book, you can quickly go to the sections you need and print out those sheets, based on the pages you expect to be reading with your students on a given day.

Please note that the hyperlink will always bring you to the instructions page for each section, so locate the specific activity sheet you need within that section.

The second table of contents serves as a quick reference for each skill.

Remember – the more you use StoryWhys, the better it works!


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