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Speech Therapy Private Practice Series: Networking

Updated: 6 days ago

Building a network is an essential component of having a successful speech therapy private practice. Here's how I built mine.

This post is part of a series about how I've built a small pediatric speech therapy private practice in Brooklyn, NY. I am the sole proprietor and SLP of a professional service limited liability company (PLLC). I started it in 2020 -- without taking any expensive courses -- and it is going strong! I hope to share some of the things I've learned with other SLPs who may be curious about starting their own private practice.

First things first: The word "networking" used to make me anxious! I imagined "networking" entailed making small talk and trying to sell myself in ways that I was certain would not feel comfortable or honest.

I have come to discover that I was very wrong!

an illustration of a network

For me, networking serves two main purposes: my network provides me with clients; and it also provides me with people I can share information with and learn from.

I'll share a little about each with you.

First (and this was something I was most worried about when starting my practice), the network I've built has provided many different ways to find new clients. Here are some of the ways I've gotten clients:

  • The parents of some of the students I worked with in my former school setting wanted their kids to keep working with me.

  • A former co-worker kindly put my information onto a professional listserve she was a member of.

  • Another former co-worker gave my information to a local pediatrician.

  • The clients I've worked with have put me in touch with other professionals their children have worked with and they are now a source of referrals, as well as people I can make referrals to.

  • The schools of my current students now refer other students to me.

  • Parents of kids I work with share my information with other parents via word-of-mouth and group chats.

  • I'm a member of a local listserve where professionals can ask questions and find people to refer to.

Second, my network also provides me with a way to learn and share with other SLPs and professionals. Since I am no longer working directly with teachers and other therapists in a school every day, my connections to former co-workers as well as the new ones I meet along the way in my private practice have become even more important to me! It is now a sincere pleasure to get together and talk shop with the SLPs I know who are either working in schools or private practice. I also really value my friendships with teachers and other specialists; I learn so much from them! I also do the best I can for them when they ask me for information and guidance.

I've discovered that all professionals in private practice are eager to connect because they are in the same boat! I now know other SLPs in my area that I know specialize in areas I don't so I'm happy to send clients their way. In return, they refer to me as well.

Finally, making time to talk with other members of my students' school-based teams gives me so much good information and makes my treatment better and more functional. I get to learn about the tools and strategies different schools use and can sometimes share insights they may not have thought of. These connections have sometimes resulted in more referrals: win-win!

If the idea of "networking" feels daunting to you, you might just be pleasantly surprised. Don't let it stop you from making the leap to private practice!


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